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Pruning machines

Pruning machines PNP

Special light pruning machines for cutting thinner branches, intended especially for cutting in intensive orchards and for landscape maintenance, wide range of models and versions.

Pruning machines SL4-PNP

Modification of pruning machines SL4 used in connection with pruning bars PNP, for handlers and tractors with front loaders. Suitable for pruning in orchards, but can also be used for landscape care.

Pruning machines PN4

Special lightweight version of pruning machines SL4 for small handlers and small tractors with front loaders. Used in connection with pruning bars PNP.

Pruning bars SLA, SLP

Pruning bars with circular saws for mechanization of pruning fruit or ornamental trees and hedges, suitable also for pruning and maintenance of forest and field roads.

Pruning machine SL1

Suitable for using in orchards or for landscape maintenance. The SL1 suspension arm can be equipped by pruning bar SLA with saw blades or an replaceable mulching head for mowing and mulching grass.

Pruning machine SL2

Pruning machines SL2 are suitable for using in intensive even extensive orchards. Suspension frame SL2 can be equipped by SLA or SLP pruning bars.

Pruning machine SL3

Pruning machines SL3 are suitable for contour cut in intensive even extensive orchards. Suspension frame SL3 is designed to be connected with pruning bars SLP.

Pruning machine SL4

Pruning machines SL4 are suitable especially for landscape maintenance, but can also be used for cutting in orchards. They are designed for handlers, telescopic handlers or tractor front loaders.

Mulching head SL

Working tool for mowing and mulching grass, maintenance of balks and ditches or surfaces around the roads, designed for aggregation with suspension arm SL1 or as an independent tool.